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GeoAnalytika is dedicated to the professional development of
advanced geo-technologies to service today's needs.

Products below are proudly "Made in the Philippines"

GeoWEB (Developed 2004)

Web-based GIS Solutions
Support for ESRI ArcViewShape and ManInfo Tab
Displays Raster Images and supports Emapper ECW
and GeoTiff
Borwser based Wizards enables opening, editing and
updating of mapserver configuration and map settings.
Update your GIS database remotely and online securely


GeoMAPLITE (Developed 2002)

Field Data Acquisition and GIS Software
Overlay GIS maps on georeferenced images/photos
Capture, update and display GIS and
Map/Survey information using GPS and other
Geo-reference pictures from digital cameras
Attach images and audio as attributes
Import and Export in popular GIS and CAD formats
Wireless Connectivity

GeoATS (Developed 2005)

Mobile Tracking System
Cost Effective Solution to tracking of Mobile
Assets such as vehicles, personnel, and cargo
using GPS.

GeoVIEW-3D (Developed 1998)

Interactive 4D GIS
True 4D GIS with SQL query
Do visual analysis, Modelling, Simulation, and Design
3D Stereo Viewing!
Link and Overlay Maps with CAD Models
Generate TIN and GRID models
Analyze in 3D!
Digitize in 3D!

GeoGPS MILLENIUM (Developed 1999)

High Accuracy GPS Receivers
Cost Effective GPS Solution
Fast and High Accuracy Position Fixes even under
extreme cover conditions
12 Channel GPS Receiver
Has built-in datalogger and data analysis functions
Free bundled GeoMAP Pocket GIS
Export in popular GIS, CAD, and Rinex
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